Our Services

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Aviatech undertakes Annual Maintenance Contracts for Installed equipments and portable systems. This includes Ground Support Equipments, Test Equipments, Major Installations, Power Units etc.

Aviatech Undertakes Annual Maintenance Contracts for following:-

  • Hydraulic Trolley for Aircraft Servicing
  • Ground Power Units
  • HP & LP Compressor and Pneumatic Equipment
  • Conversion Machinery
  • Ultra Sound Filter Cleaner


Aviatech undertakes Calibration of Various Electronic Test Equipments and instruments. We are NABL Accredited agency for carrying out calibration of instruments and pressure gauges.

Authorized agency for IAI Malat UAV test equipment calibration.

Equipment that can be calibrated:-

  • Oscilloscopes
  • Spectrum Analysers
  • Frequency Counters
  • Signal Generators
  • AC/DC Panel meters/Frequency Meters (400Hz)
  • DMM’s/Clamp Meters/Temperature controllers.
  • RF Power Meters
  • Pressure Gauges (-1 to 600 bar)
  • Barometric Altimeters/ASI (Pitot Static testers)

Indigenisation – Make in India

Aviatech undertakes Indigenisation of various LRUs of Aircrafts as part of Make In India project. We use reverse engineering method to manufacture the units which are no more supplied / repaired by OEMs.

Automated Test Equipment Design

  • JPT Test set for aircraft engine testing.
  • ATE for aircraft communication equipment complex-KM 31.
    Calibration Tester for Fuel Flow meter – TU 142M
  • RPM Test Set for SeaHarrier Aircraft Engine .

Custom GSE Design and Development

  • Interactive Ear Defender – NASDO(G).
  • LP/HP Hydraulic Test Bench- TU 142M components.
  • 40T Hydraulic Jack as part of TU 142M GSE.

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

Aviatech undertakes Maintenanace, Repair & Overhaul of various Aircraft / Marine equipment and systems such as Avionics , Navigation, Tactical & other systems.

Maintenance,Repair and Overhaul services includes:-
On Board systems and equipment of various Naval aircrafts and UAV’s of IAI like:
Communication – VHF Transreceiver, HF Transreceiver, CVR, ICS, etc
Navigation – Flight Navigation Computer, ILS, Altimeter, Compass etc.
Tactical – Radar, Sonar, IFF, Sonobuoy, etc.
Instrumentation – Pitot Static System, Baro Altimeter, Display and Indicating Devices
Sensors, Controller and Peripheral Devices – Engine Starting Panel, APU, Control Unit, Fuel Transmitter, RPM Transmitter, JPT Transmitter etc.

Common Range Electronic Test Equipment (CRETE) – Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Power Meter etc.
Special To Type Test Equipment (STTE) – Air Data Tester, Pitot Static Tester.

Aviation Logistics

Aviatech Provides Aviation Logistics support to Indian Military Organisation / Establishments. Our expertise and domain knowledge helps us to identify the correct spare in time with OEM traceability.

Our Aviation Logistics Service includes the following:-

  • Military Aircraft and Helicopter Spares
  • Engine & Undercarriage Components
  • Electronic Equipment and Breakdown Components
  • Greases – Lubricants – Chemicals
  • Sealants – Oils etc
  • Hardware – Fasteners – Seals – Bushes etc
  • Management of repair / OH services
  • Paints – Activators – Dopes
  • Protective Gear and Flight Clothing
  • Raw materials – Metals – Alloys – Steel – Exotic Materials etc
  • Sourcing and Traceability of all OEM part