AEPL, Verna, Goa

AEPL, Verna, Goa facility has a total area of 1520 m2 with 695 m2 as covered build up area in two levels. The entire build up area has controlled environment. This facility has a covered area with CCTV, biometrics, high barbed wire fence and manned guards and has been specifically developed for ROH of radar equipment, cockpit electronics and display systems.

An indigenous capability has been established for indigenous development of testers, ground equipment, repair of electronic and mechanical aggregates of western and Russian origin. The overall capability encompasses support fighter aircraft, helicopters, maritime aircraft and UAV. The facility has been equipped with 100 KVA captive power supply for progressing Repair and Overhauls on 24/7 basis.

Anechoic Chamber for Air borne Radar performance checks

An anechoic chamber with three test benches has been commissioned. All the three test benches are supplied with 28V DC, 400 Hz and 50 Hz power supplies. The chamber measures 2.4m (H) X 4.4m (W) X 9.2m (L) and has been set up to prevent ingress and egress for frequencies for a bandwidth of 8 – 12 GHz.

The anechoic chamber is environmentally controlled with an independent air conditioning system and fire detection system. The entire area is protected from dust. Pictures of the anechoic chamber and the internal work space are given below.


Special Power Supply Room.

This room has houses 400 Hz and 28 V DC supply sources as shown. Un-interrupted supply of 50 Hz through commercial supply and captive power plan has been catered for to ensure that all activities are carried out without any break.

The facility can provide a full capacity of 100 KVA if the situation demands.


Environment Test Room.

By the end of Sep 18 this room will house Temperature Test Chamber capable of -70C to +100C for testing the thermal integrity of repaired components.

Vibration Test Chamber
The room will also house a programmable 2000kg vibration test rig which has been manufactured indigenously with the specifications given the Russian OEM. This machine will be positioned to check the repaired components for structural integrity.


Storage House for Aviation Spares.

The facility has adequate storage space in a dust free and temperature-controlled environment. This space can be utilised to store aviation spares over a long period of time.

Electrical & Avionics Workshops.

In the upper level, the facility has separate workspace for repair of avionic items. These workshops and complete area have controlled environment. All these workshops can be provided with stabilised and un-interrupted power if the need arises